The Way to Happiness, a New Breath With a New Generation




June 30, 2167


Theogene talks to the public saying that people can change their behavior by reading the booklet “The Way to Happiness” and listening to the Theatre “The Way to Happiness.” He also receives calls and messages after the broadcast.

This is a story of a young Rwandan man Theogene, who received from Aline Jones the booklet “The Way to Happiness.”

He met Aline Jones in front of the prison Kibungo and started to talk to her to know what she was doing at the prison. She told him about the Criminon program that she was implementing in the prison with her Husband and she gave him a booklet.

He was very happy and he decided to read the moral code. He was so happy about the contents that he decided to handle his father with whom he did not have a good relationship.

And to these boys the precept: “Honor and help your parents.”
People who come to visit the radio station where Theogene takes time to explain the precepts of the “Way to Happiness” and that he uses the precepts from this booklet to create the episodes of the Theatre “The Way to Happiness.”
This is in the recording room.

Seeing the miracles he obtained with this little book, he decided to do a broadcast of 45 minutes every Sunday from August 2009 until now on the basis of a precept per week. The number of public who was listening to the radio was 2 million. He explained that this little book was been written by L. Ron Hubbard.

Then he called back Aline Jones and gave her all the wins that he has talking about “The Way to Happiness” and all the calls and messages he has received from the public.

Aline Jones told him to have a look on the site and especially to watch the movie “The Way to Happiness,” Theogene was so happy about this movie that he wanted to do more to make sure he could change the behaviour of the Rwandese and decide to write a theatre script: “The Way to Happiness.”

He obtained from the Director of the radio a promotion and become Director of the Theatre and received an increase in his salary.

He now has 7 actors who mock up and act out on radio stories around the precepts found in the book. These are recorded every week and the broadcast goes out every Monday evening at 20:00. Theogene also discusses the precepts and virtues on radio to his wide audience every Sunday and takes calls from them and has discussions on the different precepts/virtues.

Here are some photos of what is happening in Rwanda with TWTH.