City “Adoption” By Single Woman Spreads a Message of Happiness Into Gang-Filled Housing


Columbia, Missouri


May 31, 2167


Donna prepares for another bulk mailing of The Way to Happiness.

Gang violence within Columbia, Missouri’s low-income public housing areas has been causing considerable travail to residents of this college town.

Donna Ferreira, a volunteer for The Way to Happiness Foundation, learned of this from a relative and decided to “adopt” the town and teach it about The Way to Happiness.

Mrs. Ferreira has mailed out 70 individual information packs and other materials to schools, youth groups, TV stations and churches in and around Columbia. These packs were complete with DVDs showing the 21 The Way to Happiness public service announcements—each illustrating the precepts contained in the book.

And to aid those most closely hit by gang violence, approximately 1,500 The Way to Happiness booklets have been mailed to residents within the housing projects.

For Donna, this is just the beginning of what she believes will change the lives of Columbia residents. “There are still more churches to mail to, 3 colleges and a university, which can all use the materials, as well as the businesses in and around the city,” says Donna.

With that she mails an additional 400 copies of the booklet to those in low-income housing, as she continues her efforts to better the community.

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